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I find it funny that no matter what I do or where I go, I always come back to the one thing that makes me happy and bring me peace. I've been writing and writing ALL my life, I thought that it was normal and that everyone did it. Given a topic I can make it rhyme sound sad, give words character or simply make a joke of what would normally hurt. I thought it was normal, I thought everyone did that, and anyone that wanted could just needed to try. But the more I get to understand things, people and our uniqueness, the way we are all separate yet brought together by our gifts and talents I realize, that its not everyone's normal, but it is mine. When I go a couple of days without writing in my journal, I hands start to scribble...when I'm listening to someone talk I take notes, mostly of what I'm thinking and not so much about what they are saying...but I'm writing. I talk to myself in my journal, because I've always listened, I've never judged and I've always been prepared. I've been writing to my audience since I could remember. I address them even as I journal. I know one day the DOZEN'S of journals will be collected with my completed and published works and even if its only for my family, a wealth of information, ideas and knowledge will be shared with the readers! I write because I have to, I feel literally SICK when I don't, I write because it makes me happy, it's like a drug it takes away ALL the pains and stresses sometimes for good. I write because I have many stories to tell, some happy some sad but all for the same reason, I write because, it's in me.

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