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Live In The Moment

Many successful people never take the time to be kind to themselves. They miss so many opportunities to live in the moment and enjoy the fruits of their labor. For instance, instead of celebrating a very productive work day, they grow frustrated that more tasks were not completed. It is not uncommon to bring that sentiment home and continue to work, without taking even a small break.


However, this type of pushing can bring about fatigue and a loss of patience. Being over worked can have a negative impact on our personal relationships. It is time to reward yourself. It is a very good idea to recognize when your hard work has resulted in you completing a task. Pauses in life are great, because they de-clutter our minds, hopefully long enough to motivate us to have more productive days.


So, the next time you complete a task or show an act of obedience to your standards, reward yourself by taking a mental break. Get creative about ways to be quiet. Be still long enough to hear your inner voice that will guide your next steps. Make today the day that you honor your uniqueness, live empowered and balanced. Live in the moment.


Caprice Smith
Empowered Balance Coach

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