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Kisha Green Interviews: DJGBC Founder & TV Talk Show Host Jeff “DJ Gatsby” Wilson

Kisha Green Interviews: DJGBC Founder & TV Talk Show Host Jeff “DJ Gatsby” Wilson

Published October 26, 2012 by DJ Gatsby Book Club

I was recently approached to do an interview by Author/Publisher & Blog Talk Radio Show Host Ms. Kisha Green. I was flattered since this would be my first interview, but i also wanted people to get to know  something about  the real Jeff Wilson a/k/a DJ Gatsby & this is that interview.

Kisha, thank you for this opportunity to let my fans & readers get to know me a little better. #DJGBC

Kisha: What is your favorite genre to read?

Gatsby: I Read All Types Of Books From All Genres. I Really Am A Mainstream Reader Who Is Always Looking To Expand My View Of The World & The People Who Live In It. With That Being Said My Favorite Genre In African-American Literature Is Urban Fiction & Street Lit.


Gatsby: Because I Relate To The Stories That The Authors Tell. A Lot Of The Authors Talk about What They Know Or How They Saw Life In The Streets. I am From the Hood & I am Always Interested In reading About How These Authors Bring These Stories of the Streets to Life in Their Books

Kisha:How many books do you read a month?

Gatsby: I May Read 1 or 2 Books A Month. I Am Very Busy And I Do Not Have Much Time To Read Very Many Books. I Manage DJGBC Website, DJGBC Blog, WB Media Group & The Talk Show That I Host & Produced.

Kisha:How have you handled an unhappy author regarding a book review you gave?

Gatsby: I Have Not Had Any Authors Contact Me About The Book Reviews That We Do Here at DJ Gatsby Book Club. Actually, We Have Reviewers At DJGBC Who Do Most Of The Book Reviews.  I Encourage Them To Be Candid & Honest With The Book Reviews. Plus If Anyone Has A Problem With Any Book Review That We Post To Amazon Please Feel Free To Contact me. I Would Be Happy To Discuss Them.

Kisha:What are your thoughts on the e-book craze?

Gatsby: I think the E-Book craze is great. It makes reading much more convenient for those people who are on the run or just don’t have the time or patience to deal with paperbacks.

Kisha:Do you think paperbacks are becoming extinct?

Gatsby: No, I think paperbacks are here to stay. It’s very comfortable for some people to read paperbacks. I personally spend so much time using electronic devices that I feel free when I log off and relax with a paperback or a magazine to read & enjoy.

Kisha:How important is pricing?

Gatsby: I think pricing is relative. I am not a publisher or and author so I feel that the market sets the prices for the books.  I would suggest that author’s research the market before they set the prices for their book. There are a lot of parameters to consider before setting a price for an e-book or a paperback

  Kisha:What do you think about e-books priced $2.99 and below?

Gatsby: If you look at the marketing strategies of some of the larger publishing houses you would have to assume that the lower the price of the e-book the more you sell. But the object is to make your book affordable to the buyers yet profitable for you when they are looking to make a purchase.

Kisha:Is this a reflection of the authors’ worth?

Gatsby: I would not say a reflection of the author’s worth, but it does show how much an author’s books are in demand to the reading public. Listen if you are a seasoned writer you know your fans & how to price your books to feed the demand & be profitable at the same time. I feel new authors are a little unsure about this.

Kisha:What advice would you give an aspiring author?

Gatsby: Again I am not a writer or a publisher and I think they can give the best advice on this topic.  What I would say to aspiring authors is to write stories about what you are passionate about, don’t try to write for a particular audience or genre. Writing is like any other artistic talent, it requires a desire to create something unique. And lastly just start writing & keep writing, your writing talent needs to be cultivated and the only way to cultivate it is to keep writing.

Kisha:What is your biggest obstacle being a self-published author? 

Gatsby: I am going to have to defer this question to another time. Plus I am contemplating on self-publishing a book sometime next year. I assume the biggest obstacle would be getting the necessary information on self-publishing & financing the project.

Kisha:What are your thoughts on the current state of literary?

Gatsby: I feel African-American Literature is alive and well. There are people from all walks of life writing about everything you could possibly want to read about. It has become an industry where everyone feels they can be successful & that’s great for the black community. We have made it cool, sexy & hip to be reading & writing. The only problem I see is the lack of unity amongst the publishers & the authors. As with any money-making venture there is a lot of distrust for the next person, we tend to look at others as a threat to our careers rather than a someone who can help our careers.

Kisha:Do you think the industry is over saturated with too many authors?

Gatsby: Of course not, that’s like saying there are too many musicians or singers or rap artist or painters or sculptors etc. Some people feel that way because they are going after the same fans. There are billions of people in the world & millions who buy books. We need to advertise & market our books on a global scale, the world is waiting for this generation of writers to break out & make their mark internationally.

Kisha:What is one word that best describes you?

Gatsby: Blessed, because God  has truly been good to me &  I am “Blessed” to be doing something i love to do.

Kisha:What’s next for Jeff “DJ Gatsby”  Wilson?

     1.Write a Book on African American Literature & Its Best Known Authors.

          *I love the industry and want to write a book about today’s authors.

      2. Launch a new “Interactive Website” for

         *DJGBC has a great following thru my Word Press Blog, Facebook & Twitter

      3. Have The Talk Show with DJ Gatsby broadcast in more cities nationwide.

          *It’s Broadcast on Comcast & Verizon/FIOS Public Access in So. Maryland

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