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Did you know that men and women really do communicate for different reason? There are many articles written about these differences. Psychologists think that men converse as a way of negotiating their status in a group. While women use conversations to bond and gain closeness. Many times, females reveal a lot about themselves in conversations, their words are more intimate. It is no surprise that women tend to bond over tea and girl talk and men bond while watching a football game.

So, now that you know that there are distinct differences, what do you do about it?

Do you just stop communicating with him?  Should you use telepathy or just guess at  his  thoughts? No, the answer lies within your ability to listen. Start by identifying what you are focused on. Are you too focused on getting your point across or getting your needs met? Try to get a better understanding of his needs. You can do this by listening to his buzz words and also by listening to what he is not saying. Try chunking your information, every conversation does not have to be an all out romantic passionate over the top conversation. Just relax, relax some more and listen way more than you talk. Trust me, you will be surprised by how much more he will open up to you. Practice this enough and it will become a habit; after while, you will not have to try so hard to get him to listen.  



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