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Realizing nothing worthwhile comes too easy, Dreas' - an award winning spoken word, screenwriting student by day, self - published author by night, has learned the wisdom of her elders while still young enough to make good use of it.  "Do what you can, with what you have, from where you are," is only one of the many daily devotional messages that she has channeled from her predecessors.  She believes a good writer embodies the skill of effective communicating by listening intently, responding carefully and engaging profusely.  And she credits that anecdote, for the riveting reviews she has received thus far.  Her ground breaking new release, Embellished Truths, is already being hailed a made-for-TV kind of book.  The fictional tale has an exceptional story line with an underlining cautionary guidance message for the young.  Dreas', explicit and compelling, quick yet clever, delivery method gives a vivid account of the choices a young woman makes in her journey and the life-changing consequences which come as a result.  With an array of cliches so relatable that some are bound to resonate deep within; this page turning, erotic melodrama will leave you in pure awe, and have you asking, "Does the end justify the means?"

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