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Accept The Gift Of Love!

Welcome to a fabulous February, a month full of romance and love. If you are not in a romantic relationship, there is no need to be left out. There are things that you can do to get the relationship that you want or improve the one that you currently have.


Did you know that you already have what it takes to have an incredibly happy relationship? Sometimes, we miss good relationships, because we get in our own way with unchecked emotional baggage. We tend to forget what makes us attractive to other people. 


Today, I challenge you to embrace the person that you have chosen to call your mate. If you are not dating, embrace yourself.  It's funny, when my husband and I began dating, we discovered that we had both reached a level of frustration with the dating scene. If you are like me, the dating scene really just meant that you  were making yourself available just in case that "perfect person" came along. Unknowingly, my husband and I arrived at the same state of frustration, at the same time. Was it chance, was the universe aligning things for us or was it an act of GOD? At any rate, this frustration caused us to be ready for one another. 


Ironically we should have met long before we actually did. We discovered that we knew all the same people and visit the same social settings. Fortunately, we met at a time when we were both ready for a meaningful relationship. Essentially we were READY for one another, when we met. This made things exciting and fresh.You can still get READY to make your current relationship fresh or find the one that you are looking for.  For now, let us think about these things; 


The recipe for a healthy relationship? 


*Find a realistic model. Do not get caught up in making the same mistakes that your parents may have made or try to live that fairy tale dream. Keep in mind that things will not always be perfect, but you can practice until you perfect it. That means, if you like surprises, start surprising your mate or if you don't have one, surprise others. Send a co-worker flowers anonymously or buy lunch for a stranger. Being kind will become a habit. You can piece together a model from many sources. The important thing is to get/create one and start modeling.


*Keep it fresh. Start a routine doing the things that you like to do. If you like to read, join a book club. Women are far more interesting when they do the things that they like to do. Do more than one thing that you find interesting. This will provide more topics to discuss with your mate or potential mate and keep things fresh. You may even surprise yourself about what you like. 


*Jazz things up a bit. Imagine trying to catch a fish without a fishing rod or bait, yes it can be done, but it would probably be  very difficult. As long as we have fishing rods and bait, why would you even want to try to catch a fish without the tools? Think of  you mate/ potential mate as the fish, why not add flare to get their attention? Try a different hair style or new perfume. Try to change the topics of your conversation. Change can be refreshing. Have fun with it. 


*Warning signs. Now ladies, you know what I mean by warning signs, I will not waste time here rehashing every thing to look for. The bottom line is, if it feels wrong, it probably is. Take notice and run for the hills if you sense that something is not right. In others words, just distance yourself from negativity, hostility and relationships that bring you down. 


*Accept the gift of love.You know when you are in a healthy relationship when you wake up excited to be in this relationship. You feel secure when other people are around. You feel empowered to be yourself and love them. Lastly,  you do not want to cling to this person with death grips, because you know they love you the same way. The best way to get this type of love is to accept yourself first.  


Caprice Smith

Empowered Balance Coach  tm

The Answer to the FaceBook quiz: 
Question: What does it take to have a Great relationship?

My Sons' Perspective


Noah @ 10 yrs. old - "It is simple, don't be boring and  make time for the person you like."


Liam @ 7yrs. old - "Yeah, you should make time for each other."


The commonality is time. Make time for yourself and your mate. 

Thank You
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