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Author Expo : August 18th

The Author Expo was definitely an experience! I truly enjoyed myself! I was a ball of nervousness but as the day progressed, I became more at home. I found it interesting how the way I looked made an impact on my book. I am 31 but I appear to be a teen/early 20's. Majority of the guest/participants spoke to my mother at first asking her author questions as opposed to me. I also learned that I must sell and market myself, a task that I am ever learning. Next year I will be ready!!!! Thank you…


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Infinite Love


“Whipping each other until we bled and then licking the blood from the wounds, it was an orgasmic bloodshed”


Explore this riveting sexually charged tale about the lengths someone is willing to go through all for the sake of love. How far will you go for love? Will…


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