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Authors Wanted

 We are looking for select Authors who would like to have their book promoted at our women summit in Killeen, Tx on Nov 17th. What they will need to do is send us a copy of their book, a brief bio of there book and where to go to purchase there book, along with a $25 donation. Enclosed is the…


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Upcoming Author!

Patrice Tartt is an Upcoming Author currently writing her debut novel. For more information, please visit her site at You can also follow her on twitter @PatriceTartt and "LIKE" her Facebook page at

Please be sure to share with others! 

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Kisha Green Interviews: DJGBC Founder & TV Talk Show Host Jeff “DJ Gatsby” Wilson

Kisha Green Interviews: DJGBC Founder & TV Talk Show Host Jeff “DJ Gatsby” Wilson

Published October 26, 2012 by DJ Gatsby Book Club

I was recently approached to do an interview by Author/Publisher & Blog Talk Radio…


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Author Expo : August 18th

The Author Expo was definitely an experience! I truly enjoyed myself! I was a ball of nervousness but as the day progressed, I became more at home. I found it interesting how the way I looked made an impact on my book. I am 31 but I appear to be a teen/early 20's. Majority of the guest/participants spoke to my mother at first asking her author questions as opposed to me. I also learned that I must sell and market myself, a task that I am ever learning. Next year I will be ready!!!! Thank you…


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Imperfect Beginnings

I’m a sucker for a good love story. And I think most of us are. The difference may be that some of us like our love stories unvarnished and unadulterated, and others like it wrapped in painstaking detail about a different time, a different place, or with interesting background circumstances and a swirl of other goings-on.

I like love stories with unconventional beginnings, beginnings that are imperfect. I think that’s usually how real life love stories begin, especially today, and…


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Infinite Love


“Whipping each other until we bled and then licking the blood from the wounds, it was an orgasmic bloodshed”


Explore this riveting sexually charged tale about the lengths someone is willing to go through all for…


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DJGBC Interview: Author Tyeshia Downer “Never Judge A Book By Its Cover”

Interview: Author Tyeshia Downer “Never Judge A Book By Its Cover”

Jeff “DJ Gatsby” Wilson  Gets A Chance to Chat With The Pride Of Baltimore, MD Author Tyeshia Downer. I Met Her In 2011 @ The DMV Literary Expo When She Was Promoting Her First Book “Diamondz In The Rough” . Since Then She Has Written Another Book Entitled “Never Judge A Book By It’s…


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Accept The Gift Of Love!

Accept The Gift Of Love!

Welcome to a fabulous February, a month full of romance and love. If you are not in a romantic relationship, there is no need to be left out. There are things that you can…


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Live Life In Abundance

Live Life In Abundance...Everyday!!!

If you feel like you are fighting for everything and a struggle is behind every move that you make in your life, take a pause and get your motivation back. You can be energized and excited!!! Your life can be filled with the things that you want, without compromising your values and dreams. Get the (5) key steps to live this way at…


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He is NOT Listening, are you?

Did you know that men and women really do communicate for different reason? There are many articles written about these differences. Psychologists think that men converse as a way of negotiating their status in a group. While women use conversations to bond and gain closeness. Many times, females reveal a lot about themselves in conversations, their words are more intimate. It is no surprise that women tend to bond over tea and girl talk and men bond while…

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Live In The Moment

Live In The Moment

Many successful people never take the time to be kind to themselves. They miss so many opportunities to live in the moment and enjoy the fruits of their labor. For instance, instead of celebrating a very productive work day, they grow frustrated that more tasks were not completed. It is not…


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Throw Off

I'm always talking about transformation. Cornell, who I've known since we were 15, called me tonight from California. He, like me, is an attorney who can't stop talking about the mind, the subconscious and how to create a life we can love. 

I told Cornell that I'm so sick and tired of us, as a people, thinking we're inferior. We can't wait for anyone else to tell us we're okay, that we're enough, that's our job to do. I can tell you, as I dark skinned sister I made that decision, that…


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Book Description

Publication Date: July 19, 2010

A song has this phrase: " Love is flowing like a river flowing out from you and me spreading out into the desert, setting all the captives free. Yes, the captives are those who don't know who they are, those who don't know they are God's children." Peace Pilgrim 25,000 miles on foot for peace. This book is about modernizing and eliminating a ritual servitude and dehumanizing practice known as "TROKOSI". The Trokosi system is one of…


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The Essence of a Woman Summit

We will be in Austin,Tx, this Saturday and will be "Streaming Live" globally. We ae looking for Authors that would like to have there book shouted out globally. As I always state, we do not charge for this but we do request a small donation.

Let me know if you would love to have your book mentioned to a global audience. Inbox me!

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Embellished Truths by Dreas

Realizing nothing worthwhile comes too easy, Dreas' - an award winning spoken word, screenwriting student by day, self - published author by night, has learned the wisdom of her elders while still young enough to make good use of it.  "Do what you can, with what you have, from where you are," is only one of the many daily devotional messages that she has channeled from her predecessors.  She believes a good writer embodies the skill of… Continue

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Can You Handle the Truth?

Hi all.  July 5th marked my third month of being published, and I've done things I never thought I would do.  I've hosted a jazz show, been a guest on an Internet radio program, did a presentation at a library, met with a book club group, and so on. I even camped out at a hair salon and made a few sales.  I have no complaints.  It has been absolutely…


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