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Hello everyone, my name is Marc A. Beausejour and I'm a new author based out of Atlanta, GA. I was born July 28, 1987 in Queens New York. I've been writing since I was twelve years of age. I started writing poetry first and have participated in poetry readings, talent shows and even read poems at weddings and funerals. I have written three books, two of them are spiritual poetry books and the third book is my first young adult fiction novel entitled "The Preacher's Web" which was published…


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Since writing my book on "Communication" in the work environment, I've come to better appreciate that communication between individuals is of major importance. If we could learn to give each other the time and respect needed during conversations, there is a guarantee that better outcomes will result.

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When it's in you...

I find it funny that no matter what I do or where I go, I always come back to the one thing that makes me happy and bring me peace. I've been writing and writing ALL my life, I thought that it was normal and that everyone did it. Given a topic I can make it rhyme sound sad, give words character or simply make a joke of what would normally hurt. I thought it was normal, I thought everyone did that, and anyone that wanted could just needed to try. But the more I get to understand things,…


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Helping Engaged Couples Fight Divorce Rates, Dr. Angela Chester Explores The Universal, And Denominational Patterns That Govern Our Lives

Before You Tie the Sacred Knot by Dr. Angela B. Chester guides readers in premarital education from a do-it-yourself approach; second book in series is geared towards Christian couples.


LONG BEACH, Calif. – Before You Tie the Sacred Knot by…


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Change Gonna Come..By Khalil Hakim

Welcome to my Blog for Fade to Black –the novel. Well first let me say THANK GOD!! After 20 plus years, Fade to Black is finally here. I am really excited about the message that Fade to Black brings to all of America. At a very young age I learned a valuable lesson from Dad, he would always ask, “Son you are standing on the shoulders of GIANTS?” Honestly I had no idea what he…


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African-American Cyber Report is Ready!

I have been hard at work building the As you can imagine you just don't launch a blog without content or an objective. My objective is to gain the attention of black people and keep them informed of what's happening in the cyber world. Its amazing but I find few black people who are really interested in what is happening in this area. Its sad because a lot crime is happening and I want to protect my people. Black women are being scammed on dating sites and…


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Yolanda Adams featuring Eleanor Roosevelt Gospel Choir Benefit Concert

Four-Time Grammy Award winning artist Yolanda Adams has been wowing crowds for many years. As of 2009, she has sold over 4.5 million albums (and 8 million worldwide). Her accolades include: 3 Dove Awards, 4 Grammy Awards, 7 NAACP Image Awards, 16 Stellar Awards,…


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Going World Wide Online!

Just delighted to report that my news stories originally written for Independent Voter News have been picked up and re-published on several news and information websites. I'm really proud of the work and appreciate the increased visibility. It means a lot to me when my work is recognized and bolsters my credibility. Check them out!

Independent Maine…


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An Evening of Praise & Worship Benefiting Typhoon Relief Efforts in the Philippines

Great Cause Event Come Out If You Can !!!
Event Name: An Evening of Praise & Worship Benefiting Typhoon Relief Efforts in the Philippines


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Working for IVN! The Digital Divide

My current project is working on a news story for Independent Voter News. ( The story is about the Digital Divide. Or more simply, the lack access to Internet and technology by the economically dis-advantaged. There are a lot of poor people without Internet connectivity at home. As a result many poor students are falling behind in the classroom. Today's classroom is becoming more and more technology centered. Education is moving in new directions…


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Three book deal means I'm a pro now!

I am very excited about signing a three book deal with Relentlessly Creative Publishing. It means I am a professional writer satisfying my life long dream. It also means that I have contractual obligations and deadlines. It's what happens when money gets involved. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and look forward to working with Relentlesly Creative Publishing.

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Support for Marcus Books, Save the Oldest Black-Owned Bookstore in the Country

Rally For Marcus Books! and petition. This is provide some info for Marcus Books, a bookstore that's become a cornerstone to the Black community.. We  are pushing to keep this open so it can continue to support local schools, reading programs and cultural events. This is the longest running Black-owned bookstore in the country with youth and…

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Free Black Sci-Fi Ebooks for AAAE Participants

A Great Offer!


Anyone attending the African American Author's Expo and Multi-Cultural Book Fair can acquire my AFRO Science Fiction and Fantasy books for FREE . . . until August 31, 2013. 

Go to and search for Stafford Battle or click here:


Rage of the…


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"Embrace Your Story to Inspire Others™"

Do you have a testimony or an inspirational story of overcoming an obstacle or adversity in your journey of life? I want to hear from you!"

I'm ALWAYS looking for Special Guest to appear on my online radio show "The Inspiration Cafe". If interested, please complete the following form ==>



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My Book Page

Welcome to my Book Page, I provide the link below. “The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, And Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America” Second Edition. This is an auto-biography about my personal experience growing up in the inner city of Chicago ghettos. I also wrote my book to promote my private for profit service base business GRCAM. I hope that you would be encouraged by what you read. Real Christian Socialist online…


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Shawn Papi presents A Fellowship & Networking Event


Shawn Papi presents A Fellowship & Networking Event

July 13, 2013 from 1:00pm to 4:30pm at the 4 Star Luxury Hotel - Marriott…


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NEW NOVEL....The time is near.....SCATTERED PIECES

I think we've all been there......

That point in your life where you're full.... so full you just need everything to stop. You fill if you could just step out of yourself and get a chance to revive you'd be fine.... to cope.

You've taken on the problems of others, the issues you can't control but you want to steer, trying to understand the "why and what if" of it all..... you need a break from it all.

You're in emotional turmoil, pain, exhaustion, and it…


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Check it out! Celebrity Entertainment with Vivica Fox & Our Network Owe Sheila Stewart, Tanya Dallas-Lewis & Cassandra Archer!

Start The New Year with The JAA Foundation for - Our Empower, Encourage & Excite Brunch with The Lovely Actress Vivica A Fox & Emcee, Sheila Stewart !!!…


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Is God Really Getting His Money's Worth?


So, here's the question:

With all of the preachers we have produced throughout African-American history (and I'm one of them), with all of our degrees, and with all of the money we've spent acquiring them, with all of the funds we've raised and all of the ministries (and buildings) we've built; with all of the conferences…


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