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Comment by H. Victoria Hargro Atkerson on May 7, 2017 at 7:55am

Follow the adventures of an African princess and a member of her royal guard from their happy, industrious homeland nestled on the Congo River to their tragic capture and enslavement. This historically laced tale invites you to experience the dramatic middle passage from a personal point of view while demonstrating the epic tortures of the African people who were victims of a corrupt and selfish system that brought millions in wealth to white investors, plantation owners, industrial leaders, and farmers in the Americas. You will also gain insight into the human spirit, the dignity, & strength of the Africans who were stolen from their homeland and thrown into bondage to suffer for centuries with no regard to their humanity. You will be deeply moved by the man's constant and pressing need for passion that drive them to experience true love and romance, while others seek to use sex as an aggressive tool to dominate and control the lives others; those in chains or those just too helpless to fight back. Princess Gemma and her royal guardsman witness rape, abuse, and murder that is commonplace on the slave ship and on plantations as the tragedies of slavery unfold around them. The smoldering underneath state of imprisonment is their unceasing determination to be free, to care for their families, to live without fear and oppression drives this story to reveal the dynamic human drama that has left its piercing marks on all descendants living today, black and white. Order this book today on, Kindle, or Barnes & Noble. 

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