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The 2016 7th Annual African American Author’s Expo is asking you to be a part of our volunteer staff at on Saturday October 15, 2016. The book expo will take place from 11am – 5pm. This will be a great opportunity to meet and connect with the national and local authors, to give support to our authors and the community. We would be delighted and appreciative to any and  all support given to the AAAE. The committee will supply all volunteers with a volunteer tag,  beverages and snacks. Those who volunteer for more than two hours will receive and AAAE expo Tee shirt and many thanks.


We currently have the following volunteer positions open. You may volunteer as your schedule permits. Below will list the times that each position will be active. It does not mean you would need to volunteer for the entire time slots. If you are interested in supporting the expo or have questions please contact me via email at or 443-421-2070.

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Available Volunteer positions

Authors registration table – this position would require you to start at 8:30am. You would assist the authors with their check process

Escorting authors – this position would require to start at 8:30am. You would escort the authors to their assigned tables.

Registration table attendant – This position will start around 11am. You would great the attendees as they come in. Hand out program booklets and inform/direct them to the speaking rooms

Game attendant – this position will start at 12noon until 4:30pm.- You would assist the attendees with all games arranged by the expo for the attendees to play

Announcer – this position will start at 12noon until 4:30pm-  You would announce over the PA system the agenda throughout the day

Panel host – This starts at 12noon until 4:30pm - you would introduce the authors on the panel to speak. You will be responsible for keeping them within their designated time slots

Youth writers host- you would support the other host in conducting the YWC and their awards


 If you would be interested in volunteering in please let me know. Again, your support is needed and would be greatly appreciated.



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