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Your heart pounds, your hands sweat, your knees shake on your way to what could be the most important meeting of your life: a  session with an film director or agent.

There are some film conferences that will allow authors to schedule short face-to-face meetings with film directors. It's a great opportunity to pitch one's book. It's also terribly nerve-wracking. After all, most of us are more effective on paper, and a bad meeting can ruin your chances. But one successful meeting can make your book dreams come true. 

Take this opportunity to pitch your book in front of three award winning film directors at the 8th Annual African American Authors & Empowerment Expo, Saturday October 7, 2017.

Register now to pitch your book. Gain some valuable information from the professionals that are helping to make authors dreams come true. Allow them to offer you their professional opinions about your pitch, the book or script and give you some tips to improve your pitch. 

Dreams do come true and you can start to see it happen by pitching your book.  There will be a $50 registration fee to pitch your book and gain valuable information. See below for details


Your Book Pitch registration will include:

  • 5min book pitch to film directors
  • Feedback from each film director
  • Written recap of directors comments
  • Listing in event program
  • Book promotion on screen during expo

 Only a limited number of slots available. Don't delay register now

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