African American Author's Expo and Multi-Cultural Book Fair

Independent Book Authors in the Metropolitan Area

2014 Authors Expo Schedule


African American Author’s Expo Itinerary

August 16, 2014


11:00am  Workshop  “Capture your Audience in 10, 30, 60                                             



1:30am  Workshop  “Capture your Audience in 10, 30, 60


12:00pm   Main Stage  Pebbles Armwood Get Fit Routine


12:30pm   Ridgley#1   Author Bernice McFadden speaking session


12:30pm   Workshop    “Overcoming The Stress of Being 



1:00pm    Ridgley#1      Workshop “101 Secrets To Selling More

                                      Books Now!”                                                                              


1:30pm     Workshop   “Express Yourself Through the Written Word:

                                      How to Start Your Writing Project”


2:00pm     Main Stage   Youth Writers Challenge


2:00pm     Ridgley#1    Author A’Lelia Bundles speaking session                              


2:30pm     Workshop    “Authorpreneurship, To Publish or Not to



2:30pm    Ridgley#1     Author Sheri Booker speaking session


3:00pm    Ridgley#1     Author Victoria Christopher Murray Speaking



3:30pm    Workshop    “Secrets to Bestseller Success in 7 Days or



3:30pm    Main Stage   Performance by “Speak Life Tour”


4:00pm    Main Stage   Pebbles Armwood Get Fit Routine



12:00pm  - 4:00pm       Ridgley #2 – Participating Authors

                                     Speaking Panels

Speaking Panel

Ridgley Ball Room  #1



        Speaking Panel                                   12:00pm - 12:30pm

                             Loretta Woodward Veney

                             Quest Delaney

                             Tremayne Moore




Autohrs Speaking Panel

Ridgley Ball Room  #2



        Speaking Panel                                      12:00pm - 12:30pm

                             Christian Authors On Tour



         Speaking Panel                                      12:40pm - 1:20pm

                             Bernice Layton

                             Nanette Buchanan

                             Tracey Syphax


         Speaking Panel                                   1:30pm -   2:00pm     

                             Blaque Diamond

                             Rosa Pryor-Trusty

                             Dr. Steven Haymon


         Speaking Panel                                  2:10pm -   2:40pm                                    

                             Ann Bayah

                             Robin T. Dorsey

                             Sa’Rese Thompson


          Speaking Panel                                      2:50pm - 3:30pm                                                                 

                             Andrea Reid Downes

                             Bermesola Dyer

                             Crystal Marable


          Speaking Panel                                      3:40pm - 4:30pm

                             Sandra Beckham

                             Stella Adams

                             Tamara Neal

                             Theodore Crawford


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