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Walk In Bethel an earthy, spellbinding drama set in the sweltering Mississippi Delta

Walk in Bethel

is an earthy, spellbinding drama set in the sweltering Mississippi Delta

A return to the Southern Gothic tradition and a testimony to her Southern roots, author Rose Mary Stiffin's debut novel, Walk in Bethel, is an earthy, spellbinding drama set in the sweltering Mississippi Delta. With skeletons in the closet and a myriad of back porch speculations, Stiffin writes in the vernacular of a multi-family epic that describes the darkest passages of the human heart, as well as its well-lit corridors of freedom, forgiveness, and love of family.

Nashville is Reverend Carl Thompson's wife; she secretly considers prayers to be no more than wishes yet believes God walks the Earth. Though shes witnessed brutality, shes also seen equality and human kindness. Returning from her Christian duty to call upon the infirm in this case Belle Washington, a child-bride and runaway who has lost another child Nashville is dragged into a cotton field by two depraved white youths, the Ferguson brothers, and would have been brutally raped if it weren't for Mike Poe fending off her attackers. Their desperate trek home is fraught with terror as they try to avoid the revenge-seeking brothers. The chaos leads to a desperate sin without measure and consequences that will follow them to their graves.

Years later, when Nashville's daughter Allene marries Robert Sutton, a man with a murderous past, she'll have no idea what truth will haunt him and what fate will provide. This unforgettable saga links three families, several generations, and is ultimately a story of survival, for what we can forgive is what we must never forget.

Dr. Rose Stiffin

I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry from Mississippi Valley State University, my Master of Science degree in Organic Chemistry from Mississippi State University, and my PhD (Biochemistry) from the University of Tennessee in Memphis. I did my post-doctoral work at the world-famous hospital, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, in Memphis, Tennessee (virology and immunology). Currently, I am the Chair of the Division of Health and Natural Sciences at Florida Memorial University.I have written several short stories and had some of them published in the Imagine literary magazine. I have also been published in the Algonquin Quarterly ("The Water Buffalo and Pink Flamingo") and in an anthology For Your Eyes Only ("Casino Blues"). Walk in Bethel is my first novel. This novel won an international competition in General Fiction. I have published three additional novels, Reflections, Groovin' on the Half Shell, and A Winter Friend. Casino Blues is my fifth novel.

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Amsterdam International Book Festival 2015 AND 2017 General Fiction, Honorable Mention

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