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The Valley of Baca

What would you do if you had no where to turn and you were facing the most tragic event of your life?
At an adverse place? Are you in the valley of decisions? The Valley of Baca (Weeping) is an uplifting story full of challenges, hope and love. The main character is forced to look into her own eyes to face the confusion and misunderstandings which made up her viewpoint.

Looking to learn about yourself and what you believe. The Valley of Baca is a must read.

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Allissen C. Jones

Can you label your biggest Mountain? Come on think about it...Give that mountain a name!

At one time in my life, I thought I could clearly label my mountain as a 'Disease'. Further introspection forced me to ask, "What is a disease?" Humm...I thought, "a disease causes something or someone to function not as designed." My answer during my self- talk lead to an even bigger question, "Are we functioning as designed?
Allissen is the Founder of The Just Believe Project, Inc. we are a non-profit designed to assist individuals with addressing barriers to living this life as he designed. In order to see yourself through his design we have to face the forced placed barriers, levels of trauma and faulty beliefs.

Do my actions line up with what I believe? My first book describes a very painful yet liberating process into the inwards of me. The curves, the lines, the connecting and disconnecting pieces of me. Forced with the CHALLENGE of my LIFE, I had to begin to tear down barriers that kept me from truly manifesting what I say I believe.

Allissen possess a Master's in Psychology and is currently working on her Doctorate in Clinical, Psychology. In addition, Allissen is a licensed nurse with emphasis in psychiatric disorders. My desire is to see real healing, real change, real growth, real manifestation of God's promises.

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