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The Mistaken Twin

It was only supposed to last a weekend. Morgan agreed to switch places with her twin sister Monroe while she fled on a weekend rendezvous with another man. But when Monroe becomes fascinated with her new-found freedom, that weekend becomes longer than expected. Morgan finds herself falling deeper and deeper into her twin sister's life and she's enjoying every minute of it, especially sleeping next to her sister's husband every night. She's developing feelings for him and doesn't want to return to her boring and lonely life. When an accident occurs and secrets are exposed, will the truth be revealed? Or will she continue to live as her sister forever?

L.R. Jackson Book Collection

Lewanda R. Jackson

L.R. Jackson was born and raised on Maryland's Eastern Shore. She's a fun and spontaneous Gemini who has an addiction for wings and a passion for food. By day, she works in Corporate America and by night, she dreams of Alpha Males and Romance, with her usual touch of suspense.

Writing has been a passion of hers since she was a little girl. She always knew that one day she would share her stories with the world. Life got in the way and her dream of writing was put on hold while she graduated from college and became a Mom. But now, over 25 years later, she can proudly say that she's fulfilled her dream of becoming a published author.

When she's not playing chauffeur to her teenaged daughter, she can be found reading, cooking, traveling, and of course writing.

She has a huge appreciation for her readers and loves to hear from them.

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